The speed of technology and innovation is challenging the status quo for business leaders—and their customers. New opportunities are arising, along with new threats and expectations. Those who want to grab market share must take advantage of the pace of change and act decisively.
At Smart Orientation, we understand the evolving market landscape and the increasing interdependencies within and between industries. We work with you to find opportunity in disruption. Our experience and insights extend beyond traditional market boundaries, bringing you a cross-industry perspective to anticipate trends, realize market opportunity, and mitigate risk.
Mobile technology is constantly changing the world we live in from connected cars and wearable technology to mobile payments and smarter cities, mobile is revolutionizing and enhancing every aspect of our lives. Mobile technology is changing us, too. Our devices connect, entertain, inform and inspire us, changing how we interact and who we are. The opportunities ahead of us are unlimited.

As part of our overall consulting portfolio, Smart Orientation provide services in the following key areas:
> Business and Strategy Consulting
> Tender Process Completion including Negotiation and Contract Issuance
> Project Management and Delivery
> Business Intelligence and Analytics
We believe in providing a service from conception of a project to its closure. This level of continuity delivers the right outcome for the client which is a project delivered according to the clients requirements.