Mobile Content Solutions & VAS Services Delivery



Quality SMS is a quick-impact promotional technique of the ongoing postmodern and highly commercialized era. We provide quality SMS content that suits most of the marketing needs of businesses and social sector campaigns. The proven quality of our SMS services not only provides the information in a highly convincing way but it also provides good deal of entertainment as well for creating a delighting customer experience. Our bulk SMS content provides more-than-expectations results and increases customer loyalty on different levels. Our SMS content is concept-based as well as quality-centered, which provides higher value against a customer’s money and time. Being focused and committed to higher and delightful quality, our purpose is to create respect among your customers whenever you choose to communicate with them through SMS


If an organization chooses to send MMS messages or WAP, it almost always sounds like a complex affair and requires the most sensitively written and revised text. The prime benefit of MMS messages is: customers can share them with other people on WhatsApp and other application. WAP browsers facilitate customers to access a website on their phones but it is a matter of common observation that WAP limits the possibilities of a fully functional website. We have good news for all those organizations, which are willing to maximize their horizons through WAP portals and that is: we never compromised on the quality of text needed for WAP portals because we keep it short, we make it easy, and we make sure it is sophisticated.



We provide quality content for the apps, which our valued customers have made in order to facilitate their customers. Regular and quality content is the need of almost each and every app of a high-profile product and service seller. In this context, we provide tailor-made content according to tastes, preferences, and types of customers for creating a higher impact. As per our experience, both design-based and content-based apps require properly edited and to-the-point text, which we provide with complete understanding and complete professional insight. Many apps focus on a specific target audience and we, as leading content providers, help realizing the needs of the target audience.


We develop games and their concepts according to the requirements of our clientsm including games marketers and software houses. Our technical expertise in game development provides a wide range of possibilities, which not only attract interest but also increase engagement of gamers for long hours. Moreover, we provide technical assistance in already launched games projects and also help identifying the issues. We develop online, offline and mobile games to match the needs of innovation loving world of gamers. All we do is to provide a great gaming concept followed by a great game capitalizing on budget-friendly and innovative game development techniques. Moreover, we not only provide game development facility but also write content for increasing online sales of already developed games and also for their social media outreach.


IVR Solutions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions help organizations to automate some of the functions, reduce needs for extra human resources, and directs the communications inflows through automated and voice-guided processes. Some of our customers always insist in making us write content, which could be used in voice messages for helping their customer services departments. In that case, we provide most polite and sophisticated text to help the customers after completely understanding the IVR structure of the organization we serve.
IVR messages may be a few but they are important because one message could be heard for a million times depending on the scale of services of the client organization. “Either good one or no one” is our strategy as we do not deliver text until we are not sure that it would help the IVR process of a client organization.

Quiz, Puzzles & Mega Cash Challenges

Quiz programs, puzzles and mega cash challenges are great ways to engage the consumers for providing them with joyous and all-encompassing experience. We play a healthy and exciting role by not only helping conceptualize them but also by providing text to meet the customers’ needs until they start living those concepts.
We possess knowledge of the expectations of some segments of almost every society, which takes interest in Quiz programs, puzzles, and Mega Cash Challenges. Courting attention is the name of the game and creative process has the utmost importance in the process. Contact us if you choose to market your products or services through this type of activities.