Business Focus Solution

Finding the right balance between revenue stimulation and retention was an essential topic for most of the Telecommunications Companies and Mobile Operators in almost all Telecom markets.

A decisive breakthrough was that the relation between revenue stimulation and proactive retention doesn’t need to be antagonistic any more. Both areas can be addressed almost independently and very efficiently with modern Fact-based Marketing. Fact-based Marketing far outperforms traditional business approaches thanks to accurate selective targeting of customers with proper tailored offers based on behavior and needs

Nevertheless, modern Fact-Based Marketing requires mainly:

  • Powerful and versatile analytics ideally based on a world-class analytical platform like e.g. SAS Suite or the SPSS, etc.
  • Efficient business concept with variety of modular offers supporting powerful selective targeting of customers.


The Digital transformation remains Vision 2030’s core strategy in the Kingdom. The Saudi Government and Saudi companies are increasingly adapting themselves to be part of the vision program. However, unless companies adapt to digital transformation they will not know of their future and where they stand in 2030 and beyond.



Analytics is “the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data.” Where the real story with analytics lies, however, is in what you can do with it. Think in terms of possibilities. Opportunities. Discoveries. Made possible by technological advancements in analytics that were never even dreamed of not so very long ago, within your lifetime. We’ll share insights from the brightest minds in analytics – insights that you can turn into so many meaningful things.

We show how your marketing campaigns influence sales at every stage of the customer journey. Now you can finally tie revenue directly to the campaigns that generate it, proving the impact of marketing to management and other key decision-makers in your organization. Analytics helps identify which channels and campaigns deliver the most revenue and highest marketing ROI so you can put your resources where they will have the most impact