3D Data and Visualization


Our Radio Planning packages include detailed 3D digital maps. We pride ourselves in having the most accurate, high-quality geodata in the market with resolutions up to 0.25m.



3D Maps are produced from stereo pairs of high-resolution, most up-to-date satellite imagery with amazing accuracy and details. 3D maps are essential for improving Radio Planning and Optimization activities particularly for 4G and 5G urban and sub-urban outdoor and indoor environments. MATCELL provides unique GIS capabilities along with 3D data, and is able to swiftly classify indoor crowdsource data. Within the building boundaries, numerous stats can be calculated including: the number of unique points/samples, the mean, median & std, etc. for any network parameter. Each building classified based on coverage, performance, footfall, etc.

Siradel’s Smart City platform powered by MATCELL uniquely provides an automated and advanced 3D environment for network visualization (at a site and cell level), geo-located network KPIs, processed crowdsource data, drive test data, radio planning predictions, 3D buildings, indoor multi-floor predictions, debugging, optimizing, reporting along with customizable dashboards.  SIRADEL 3D Smart City Explorer, is an advanced state-of-the art virtual interactive, 3D engineering, network design and planning, big data platform.  By aggregating physical network elements, with 3D clutter, our crowdsource feeds (nPerf, Ookla, etc.) and maps, along with 3D predictions outdoor, indoor and multi-storey predictions and 3D Ray Tracing, yields an all one in one, powerful unique tool, not only for your RAN engineers, but also for the Senior Management teams via an easy friendly lite version.